Take your landscape or hardscape business to the next level with OasisStone™ Personalized Live Trainings. You and your team will learn everything they need to know to start building amazing backyard creations using OasisStone™ Masonry Panel and Countertop Mix.

Unlike other trainings you may have been to, you won’t be finishing another contractors project in a strangers backyard.  We liken our approach to a “TV Cooking Show Format” where you get to learn the intricacies of pouring a panel without having to wait for it to cure.  This results in a fast-track learning environment where you and your team have the time to ask questions of some of the most respected concrete artisans in the industry.  Everything you need will be on-hand so we can focus on giving you a deep understanding of the process, from selling the customer on the job, to final installation. 



James King Concrete Artisan

James King

Training Consultant

James is the northeast trainer and has over a decade of experience in rock carving and creating stunning masonry panel builds. James can help your team come up with repeatable techniques and process to take your builds to the next level.

Jody Gott Concrete Artisan

Jody Gott

Training Consultant

As the southeastern US trainer, Jody has an amazing portfolio of projects ranging from a fiber optic concrete bar to a working waterfall conference table. Jody can bring a new level of creative thinking to your team.

Will Dewitt Concrete Artisan

Will DeWitt

Training Consultant

Since 2003 Will has been in the field getting his hands dirty building everything from outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features, concrete countertops and more. He brings his real-world experience and product knowledge to every training.

Jon Bell Concrete Artisan

Jon Bell

Training Consultant

Located in the Midwest, Jon has been in the decorative concrete world since 2008 and has a deep knowledge of the tools, products, and techniques that will empower your team to build bigger and better.

What Will You Learn at OasisStone™ Personalized Trainings?

  • Guiding the customer through the sales process
  • Planning your build
  • Tools of the trade to speed up your projects
  • Mixing OasisStone™ to eliminate “bug holes” or “pitting” in panels and countertops
  • Perfecting your panel and countertop pours
  • Fashioning seamless corners
  • Carving natural stone features
  • Achieving natural stone finishes with brush and spray techniques
  • Advanced finishing techniques
  • And much more!

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