OasisStone™ proprietary fiber-based concrete mix was born out of the need for an outdoor concrete panel mix that was built to handle the harsh sun of the southwest, along with withstand deep freeze conditions found in the northeast.  The resulting formulation is the toughest, most reliable panel masonry systems in the industry.

OasisStone™ concrete mix and panel system is a game changer for landscape and hardscape companies across the nation.  Unlike traditional GFRC mixes, our mix eliminates the need for fragile glass fibers and is instead reinforced with a proprietary fiber based blend that is specially formulated to withstand the harshest conditions nature can throw at it. 

With OasisStone™ you can provide your customers with the beautiful, natural look of stone without the massive cost and time investment involved with traditional masonry methods.  Your outdoor kitchen, poolside water feature, fire feature or any other landscape feature your customer can dream up can be built offsite and you can install the feature for your customer in just a single day.  This eliminates the need to bring in heavy machinery, hire outside masons and invest in costly site cleanup once the feature is installed.

Our realistic stone panels were formed using hand-selected stones by experienced master masons.  These hand crafted panels are the most realistic masonry panels in the industry, resulting in a product that homeowners have difficulty identifying when compared side-by-side with their natural counterpart.  Our panels can be combined to build beautiful backyard creations that are impossible to recreate naturally, from a U-shaped outdoor kitchen to cascading poolside waterfall with built in grotto.

Why Are More Landscapers & Hardscapers Choosing OasisStone™?

We’re the fastest growing outdoor mix panel masonry company for good reason.  When you integrate OasisStone™ into your outdoor project you get the following benefits:

  • Add more value and versatility to your existing landscape or hardscape services
  • No need to hire 3rd party masons. Our system can quickly and easily be taught to your existing employee base
  • Invest less into purchasing and maintaining heavy machinery and build more profit into your bottom line
  • Faster project turn-around means more project volume and increased profit during your busy seasons
  • Anti-Freeze and Thaw properties means greater longevity for the homeowner, resulting in more long term customer referrals for your business

Turnkey Providers of Everything You Need to Jump Into Custom Masonry Panel Services

On our website, you’ll find everything you need to get your business into this fast-growing, high paced segment of the hardscape industry.  As more homeowners realize the advantages of resort-like living in their own backyards, your business will be positioned to fill the demand in your area and your team will be ready to start creating luxurious outdoor living products for eager customers.  With no buy-in needed, simply order your first pallet of concrete and we’ll provide you with the tools and online-training to book your first job.